Stop overthinking your homeschool so you can enjoy it before it's over.

Homeschool support that takes things off your plate instead of adding to it.

What's possible when you slow down and do less?

savor the homeschool you already have.

Find freedom from comparison, guilt, and worry. Stop scrolling trying to find the next great idea and enjoy the fleeting beauty of this season.

see growth that used to be invisible.

Stop worrying about if your kids are growing. When you regularly reflect you’ll see they are born learners, designed to grow.

recalibrate with zero guilt.

Start seeing tension as a teacher that can help you adjust things in your homeschool routines. Recalibration is a sign of a healthy homeschool, not a failing one.

Your kids are born learners, and so are you.
I can help you homeschool like you believe it.

Here's how it works

1. Choose your support.

Check out the services page to find the perfect level of homeschool support you need.

2. Follow the plan.

I’ll support you with guided reflection and a map to help you pick your priorities in this season.

3. Enjoy your growth.

See growth everywhere you look and enjoy homeschool freedom.

I know what it's liked to be ruled by perfectionism.

I also know what it's like to be free from it.

You want to homeschool your kids so they’re ready for the future. The problem is the million good homeschool ideas out there are overwhelming.

I don’t think you have to use every one of those good ideas to be a good homeschool parent. In fact, if you try to cram it all in, you’ll be so busy creating the perfect homeschool that you’ll miss the beauty right in front of you. (Ask me how I know.)

Here’s how I can help you stop overthinking your homeschool so you can enjoy it now instead of someday:

  1. First, choose the homeschool support that’s the best fit for you.
  2. Next, I’ll map out your first steps so you can reflect and savor the homeschool you actually have.
  3. Then you get to enjoy homeschool freedom! You’ll see your kids’ growth instead of worrying if it’s there. You’ll show them how to face problems knowing growth is certain.

Stop waiting for “someday when _______” and enjoy learning with your kids today.

Tired of asking "Am I doing enough?"