I'm ready to believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

stop letting perfectionism rule your home.

Many of the best things in my life have happened because someone cared enough to gently nudge me out of doubt. Maybe that’s why it thrills me so much to remind you about who you are and what you’ve been called to do.

There isn’t a curriculum in the world that can save you. No organizational system, either. I can help you dig deep and address the underlying beliefs about learning that will set the course for your homeschool journey. I can help you give perfectionism the boot.

You can scroll down to read my story. But the most important thing you should know is this: I am doing this just like you are. I’m making mistakes, trying again, and sharing with friends to get help. 

Oh, there’s one more thing: I love learning with you!

Perfectionism nearly ruined motherhood for me.

Around the time my twins were born there was a series of events that tested my limits over the span of three or four years. Knee surgery. Morning sickness. Sleepless infants. Another surgery. And more.

We were in survival mode for such a long time, and I kept thinking we were going to find some reprieve…but the season of weariness stretched on. All of this coincided right at the time I had been dreaming up some “real” homeschool lessons and routines to begin with my then four-year-old. I had lots of ideas of how I wanted my life to look – but I kept hitting the wall of my own physical limitations. The resentment and guilt began to build. I felt alone and unseen. The ideal home I had dreamed up seemed to mock me.

That time was full of dark moments to be sure – but it is what led me to be such an ardent proclaimer of the truth about learning. Because during that season of trials, there was so much beauty. I finally, truly learned how to rest. My big girls became expert level pretenders, putting together “plays” for hours at a time. I began to notice things (important, meaning-of-life things) I once overlooked.

Before, I had an inkling that learning is not about the perfect curriculum, or not falling “behind,” or “enough.” But now by the grace of God I know.

Now I can look at you and tell you the truth.

If your body has been battered by a tough pregnancy…

If you are up too late and measure your sleep in minutes…

If your family has experienced tragedy and even pulling dinner together feels like Everest…

Then I want you to know that I have been there. I know

It’s time to stop looking so hard for the perfect homeschool that you miss the beauty of the one in front of you right now. Come with me, and I will cup your face, look you straight in your eyes, and tell you in a fierce whisper: You are a born learner. It’s time to live like one.

If you want help prioritizing peace in your homeschool life, I have three ways I can support you! Check them out on the services page.

The Hundred Languages of Children

by Loris Malaguzzi

The child

is made of one hundred.

The child has

a hundred languages

a hundred hands

a hundred thoughts

a hundred ways of thinking

of playing, of speaking.

A hundred always a hundred

ways of listening

of marveling of loving

a hundred joys

for singing and understanding

a hundred worlds

to discover

a hundred worlds

to invent

a hundred worlds

to dream.

The child has

a hundred languages

(and a hundred hundred hundred more)

but they steal ninety-nine.

The school and the culture

separate the head from the body.

They tell the child:

to think without hands

to do without head

to listen and not to speak

to love and to marvel

only at Easter and Christmas.

They tell the child:

to discover the world already there.

And of the hundred

they steal ninety-nine.

They tell the child:

that work and play

reality and fantasy

science and imagination

sky and earth

reason and dream

are things

that do not belong together.

And thus they tell the child

that the hundred is not there.

The child says:

No way.

The hundred is there.